We help retailers integrate secondhand selling in their existing online marketplace

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Our services

We are providing a plugin B2B solution enabling retailers to quickly and effortless go into the resell market.

Integrated at your site

We are not another marketplace but our solution is fully integrated in the existing e-commerce experience

Plug and play

Effortless, frictionfree and low maintainance for retailers


Apart from revenue, the retailser get full insight report enabling product development


Revive handles all logistics in terms of shipping and claims

Why enter the second-hand market?

New customers

Younger generation

Sustainability oriented customers

Price sensitive customers

New circular revenue

Income from circular selling

Market-shares in growing second-hand market

Resell same product


Circular use

EU directives on circularity

EU directives on sustainability reporting

About US

About us

Founded in March 2023

We are an early phase startup founded within the Antler startup incubator (cohort Stockholm spring 2023).  We are currently in pre-seeds phase.

Contact us: info@reviveretail.se