For buyers and sellers

Revive retail is a startup with the vision to make it easier to buy and sell items you no longer need. All your journey start at the same place as you bought your product from the start, at the retailer


 Let's make it convenient to sell your used items! We make is fricitonfree, secure and convenient to list your items.


Let's make it easy to buy second-hand instead of new items! We strive to make easy to find,  buy and receive your products. From secure payments to reliable deliveries, we safeguard your shopping experience every step of the way.

Seller journey 

Sell your items effortless with our streamlined interface.

Nudging approach to resale

In several ways we nudge you to sell things you don’t use anymore. It could be by an e-mail from the retailer you bought it from or you find the opportunity to add the listings on the retailers website.

Simplified ad listings

Our user-friendly ad creation tool makes it hazzle-free to sell items you don't use.  Just add the condition and our pricing engine will suggest the best price, enhancing your chances to sell quickly at the best possible rate.

Seamless shipping with QR Codes

Once your item is sold, our system generates a QR code for easy shipping. No hassle, no wait—just a smooth transaction from sale to shipment, ensuring you and your buyer are satisfied.

Fast and secure payments

Get paid without delay. Our secure payment system ensures that you receive your funds promptly as soon as item is approved by the buyer.  Experience seamless transactions and financial security with every sale.

Buyer journey 

Empowering you with a safe, simple, and sustainable second-hand shopping journey, starting at the retailer.

Discover your second-hand product 

Find the product you want to buy second-hand, at the same place as you find new items. Detailed information from the retailer helps you make an informed decision.

Select your preferred condition and seller 

Choose from a list of  sellers offering products in your preferred condition. Our platform guarantees a safe purchase.

Secure and flexible payment 

Enjoy a worry-free payment process with card or Klarna. Your transactions are protected, and funds are held securely until you confirm the receipt of your product.

Hassle- free delivery 

Receive your products swiftly with our consumer-to-consumer logistics solution through Postnord. Track your purchases in real-time and have them delivered to your nearest collection point. Shop with confidence knowing that we're here to ensure your order arrives safely and on time.